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Apollo Creed (aka Creedy) is an incredibly loving, sweet, and special young pittie boy mix. He’s the ultimate underdog and heavyweight champion to your heart. He is about 50lbs and 9 months old (as of May 2022). A perfect gentleman, Apollo Creed is refined, patient, affectionate, and forgiving. Ready to steal the day and your heart, Apollo Creed wears a big puppy smile and oddly floppy ears. He prances alongside his 3 canine foster brothers, a chi, pittie, and jindo. 

Creedy hopes you can love and accept him for who he is. After we rescued Apollo Creed, we noticed something very special about him. He is deaf. He doesn’t know the difference! This is why he is so modest, he does not hear all the praise and love people voice towards him. However, because he doesn’t hear you, Apollo Creed can be shy of new people and asks that you respect his space until he is comfortable with you, which really does not take long. For these reasons, he would thrive in an adult home or one with older (teens and up) age humans. Once he knows and trusts you, Creedy will come wiggle & greet you with the sweetest full body embrace! Apollo Creed is working with his foster and trainer on hand signals and collar training to communicate. Boy, oh boy, is he smart! Already, he knows basic commands like sit, stay, place, & flies into his crate as soon as he gets a whiff of treats or his dinner!

As part of his training and socialization, Apollo Creed is now the local ambassador and mayor of home improvement stores and loves going to street fairs and markets with his foster momma! He supports her entrepreneur hustle and models all the latest styles. Seriously, this boy knows how to rock a hoodie! His markings look like the coolest Versace shades too. He is ready for the runway, all day. Every day. 

Apollo Creed is house broken, crate trained, and loves other dogs. When meeting other dogs, he is his gentlemanly self. While he may bark at first, within seconds he is goofy and playful. Patient, kind, and forgiving, he won over the toughest little chi in town and made cuddle buddy friends with him. Achieving this, means he can do absolutely anything. Really! 

If interested in adopting Apollo Creed, please complete an application, which can be found on our website at Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails. So, if you don’t hear back from us, please follow up.

  • Name: Apollo Creed
  • Age: 9 Months
  • Likes: dogs, hgtv, toys, people, fashion
  • Health: deaf, vaccinated, chipped, neutered