Twenty Paws Rescue has one objective and passion. Every day they strategize and devise plans to battle an ongoing epidemic plaguing our streets, the abundance of forgotten homeless, abused, and surrendered animals from every kind of background. Twenty Paws, a small rescue, is only able to bring their ambitious dreams to fruition by an exceptional and dedicated team composed of volunteers and fosters. Working tirelessly and within their means, Linda, Rachel, and the Twenty Paws’ team combine their boundless devotion to provide all Twenty Paws angels with exceptional foster life and vet care until they find a forever home.

Even though the Twenty Paws focuses primarily on the “bully” breeds, they are not a breed specific rescue. Twenty Paws provides refuge and unconditional love to dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, sexes, and temperaments. Linda and Rachel strive to provide all Twenty Paws animals and families with the ideal match and safest environment possible. Furthermore, they have the strength inside to fight every minute. Until every shelter cage is empty, Twenty Paws will continue to be a voice.

Twenty Paws Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations to the rescue are tax-deductible