We rescued Banshee when we found out that her (now former) human planned to euthanize her because of some ‘bad’ behavior. This ebony hippo piglet deserved better! 

Our girl is 6 years old (born Sept 1) and about 85 lbs. Her love for humans is deeper than any we can understand, given how she was treated. 

Her former owner reported the following issues:

  1. dog & cat aggressive. GETS ALONG WITH 2 RESIDENT ROTTIES. Aggressive with dogs encountered outside.
  2.  Needs leash training as she pulls
  3.  Nervous barking.
  4.  ‘Ball obsessed’.
  5. Torn ACL. While she walks with very stiff back legs, this doesn’t stop her from running.

She will NEVER have an accident in the house and is trustworthy. Banshee does not chew on furniture or run into mischief, loves to watch TV, and i’s very smart. She understands when you talk to her. When you chat with her, she will give you the most endearing head tilt and facial expression. 

One of our pre-approved fosters saw Banshee’s story and stepped up! Banshee is decompressing at home and winning over every human she encounters. She’s all about sitting in your lap, snuggles, kisses, tail wags, and hearing about how beautiful she is!

Clearly, she’s a puller. We will work with our trainers to improve her leash manners and dog reactivity. She will also need vetting and ACL surgery. Please consider donating towards her care. We can only do this with your help! 

  • Name: Banshee
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: Balls, people, cuddles, playtime
  • Health: torn ACL, spayed, vaccinated, chipped