Becca is a beautiful 5-year-old female Indie Pariah dog. She is a survivor. While her past might be tragic and chaotic, with love and patience, Becca has thrived and learned to love people again. 

In June 2018, our partners at KAW rescued her after she was a victim of heinous unspeakable cruelty. Someone had thrown scorching hot liquid on her body, resulting in deep burns on most of her body. This led to a maggot infestation in the wounds due to neglect. Her immense suffering during this time is unimaginable. Despite enduring excruciating pain, Beccal was determined. Constantly surprising the team with her indomitable spirit, she responded to love, time, and patience to move past her emotional scars. 

Sincere love was the answer to help her blossom again. 

Now, Becca is perfectly healthy. After spending 2 years at KAW, she is ready to come to America and start her new chapter and show off her new lease on life. Becca is exceptionally friendly, loves to play, and loves other dogs.

Becca deserves a home where she is cared for and loved deeply to make up for everything she has been through. She is a medium-sized dog, perfect for any apartment or home. With a very affectionate and warm personality, she is an excellent addition to any family!

If interested in fostering or adopting Becca, please complete an application, which can be found on our website at Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails so if you don’t hear back from us, please follow up!

Becca is due to arrive in Oct. Please email us if interested in fostering or adopting her. We are also in DIRE need of donations and sponsorship. Each dog costs $1400 to Rescue and bring to the states. Please consider donating even $

These are her BEFORE pictures when she first entered rescue! Warning. They are graphic!

  • Name: Becca
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Likes: people, dogs, playtime
  • Health: Spayed, vaccinated, chipped