Daiki is a stunning shiba inu puppy. We estimate him to be about 10 months old. This boy had a rough start to life, found as a stray in Brooklyn with a leg injury and terrified beyond words. Daiki loves other dogs and finds them to be quite therapeutic. He takes time to warm up to people and appreciates his space. Once he trusts you, he loves to cuddle and play. His smile tells it all! Daiki has one that reaches from ear to ear to the depths of your heart. 

Daiki is good in the car and home. He does enjoy being vocal at times, mostly when he is afraid. It’s been a long road for him to adjust to being leashed for his walks, but he is coming around. Daiki responds well to positive reinforcement and a slow approach. 

This fox is a love and just needs time and patience in any new setting.

If interested in adopting, email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails! So, If you do not hear from us, please follow up!

  • Name: Daiki
  • Age: 10 months
  • Likes: Walks, Sunshine, cuddles
  • Health: Neutered, chipped, vaccinated