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This handsome Jindo mix boy is about 2 years old and 40lbs. He is wonderful with kids, cats, and dogs. In addition to being housebroken and crate trained, Dart knows his commands and a wonderful companion in the car. With a medium level of energy, Dart loves to run, hike, play with toys, and be active. He is also an expert at sleeping upside down! He is fascinated by all that he comes across. 

Before his rescue, Dart was an abused, neglected, and broken little puppy. He was abandoned by military personnel outside of our Korean partner’s facility. Covered in sores, emaciated to his skeletal form, and petrified of everyone, Dart was in HORRIFIC shape. Below are videos and pictures of his condition. WARNING: THEY ARE GRAPHIC!

After recovering with his South Korean foster mother for almost a year, Dart was ready to join us in the states. Now, he is thriving in his foster home and will be ready for adoption shortly. 

Thanks to an insurmountable quantity of support and love from incredible people, this once abused and fearful boy now welcomes adventure and never stops smiling! He is completely healed and has beautiful scars to mark his journey.

If interested in adopting, fostering, or sponsoring a dog in need, email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails! So, if you do not hear from us, please follow up!

  • Name: Dart
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Loves: Toys, dogs, playtime
  • Health: Vaccinated, chipped, neutered