Ethel is a precious who only knows mixture of big, clumsy, blonde, goofiness. Really, we have no idea what kind of pup she is. Sadly, someone tried to alter her incredibly kind disposition and butchered her ears. Ethel is still as lovely as ever, cropped ears and all. We are unsure how old or young Ethel is, especially with such neglect before. Our medical team estimates she is about 6 years old. 

When you first see Ethel, you will be stunned by her looks. They might not be Kardashian, but they are something special. Her little head, coupled with her long top jaw, and itty bitty lower jaw, lay groundwork for some breathtaking jowls. Add that to a long body and huge smile, and out have the most captivating girl. Ethel is a princess; she loves to cuddle on the couch and nest her head into your shoulder. She will curl into you under blankets, behind pillows, and anywhere she can feel your love. With her foster siblings, Ethel loves to play, bounce, and nap. She is an active participant in the doggy pile naps and snores the days and nights away. When outside, she likes to hop about and do her business. She is not an overly active dog and does not require much exercise. Ethel is more about the leisurely stroll lifestyle. 

Ethel loves tutus, dogs, sunbathing, playing with children, food (and really she LOVES food), and snoozing next to you. Currently, Ethel lives with a toddler and infant, who she is endlessly patient and gentle with. With dogs, Ethel loves to play and knows her Pekingese foster brother is boss. When she initiates play, Ethel will bounce her body and head.

Ethel was found as a stray in Newark and found herself at the shelter there. When we saw her, our team knew she had to be ours! We picked her up and Ethel happily lumbered into the back seat of our car. 

Any family would be lucky to have this girl! Please give her a chance! She is housebroken, crate trained, and just too precious. If interested in Ethel, email us at or You can complete an application on our website at

  • Name: Ethel
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Likes: playtime, playing, galloping, food
  • Health: vaccinated, spayed, chipped