Say hello to this stunning 15 lb, 6 month old, jindo mix boy! Jeongbong is an infinitely handsome cream, cocoa, and ebony speckled gentleman. An observant couch potato, his life and thoughts are filled with Bob Marley songs and dreams of the laid back life. Jeongbong is the epitome of suave and debonair. He has impeccable manners, but will give you those chocolate doe puppy eyes when food is around! Patiently and quietly waiting for a morsel to hit the ground. 

If your home is looking for a low key, laid back, boy who just goes with the flow, this is your little man! At times he is so quiet and peaceful, you forget he is there. He will be your little buddy, just sitting and observing the world around him. While he isn’t the biggest toy enthusiast, he does enjoy playing with other dogs. If he strikes a bond with a pup, he really looks up to them and will take notes! This boy is ready to learn and be his best self. Although, we aren’t sure it gets much better than Jeongbong. 

We rescued Jeongbong and his family from a shelter in South Korea. We first saved his father, Hoonmin, and once he was here, found out he had a female companion and 5 puppies back in the shelter. We immediately pulled them and brought them to the states. The mother of the pups is adopted! Now, Jeongbong and his siblings are available for adoption! 

If interested in adopting Jeongbong, please complete an application, which can be found on our website at Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails. So, if you don’t hear back from us, please follow up.

  • Name: Jeongbong
  • Age: 6 months old
  • Likes: relaxing, playtime, sunbathing, food
  • Health: vaccinated, neutered, chipped