Little bear Kodo is a 5 year old Maltese Mix and a born Leo! This boy loves to go for walks and wakes up to start the day with you! He will be your best side kick! A true romantic, Kodo loves to be outside, take long walks on the beach, and smell the flowers…and pine trees! He is also a food critic. Kodo would love to leave yelp reviews regarding your cheese collection, fruit platters (watermelon, strawberries, and apples especially), peanut butter. Kodo asks you to bear (pun intended) in mind that cheese is his favorite and he will, literally, do anything for it.  Kodo knows basic commands, like sit, roll over (with cheese), lay, and come. There is room for improvement!

Kodo does suffer from seasonal allergies in the spring and fall! A simple allergy shot from the vet does the trick and he is happy to smell all the flowers and trees again! He is neutered, vaccinated, and house broken. Kodo is fiercely loyal and will always be by your side. To earn this knight in shining armour, you will need to be patient. It takes Kodo a little time to warm up to new people and gain his trust. Please be patient with him, but, we promise, it’s worth it! Also, Kodo does get along with most dogs. However, sometimes he does not want to be bothered by the canine company. He prefers his human above all else.

Kodo asks for an adult home or one with considerate children. He does not mind if he is the only fur child or shares the spotlight with a laid back fursibling.

If you want a fiesty cuddle buddy and lazy boy, this dog is your new best friend.  

Kodo came to us as an owner surrender. His current human feels he deserves to be with a family that will give him attention and lots of love as her family dynamic is no longer a good fit for him. In his best interest, she selflessly decided to give him another chance at a happy life.

If interested in adopting, please email us at or Please note we respond to all emails. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up! Sometimes, emails get lost in cyberspace.

  • Name: Kodo
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Likes: His person, cuddles, cheese
  • Health: Neutered, vaccinated, chipped