Looking for a pocket sized spitfire? Meet Lexi! She is a 4 year old yorkie who came into our care after tragic ending to a good life. Once, she was adored by her elderly human. When the human passed, the family came and didn’t want her. So, for weeks she was kept locked in a closet or forced in corner with no food or water. It was terrible enough that Lexi lost the only person she loved; but, now, her own family was abusing her. A neighbor who knew her original owner heard Lexi crying and immediately took her away from there and gave her to us. When she came into our care, Lexi was a shaking 1 lb skeleton. After some love and good home cooking she is now a 3 lb little scruffy gem. She LOVES going for walks and playing with other dogs and cats. Her best friends include a cat, rottie, and shih tzu- what a diverse palate! When meeting people, Lexi will tell them who is the boss (her!) After some time, she settles down and will approach them. When she first met us she just barked, circled, snuck in a kiss, and barked again! With everything she’s been through, Lexi is handling everything with stride and grace. She will be a lovely addition into an adult home that will love her. Truly, this little pocket dare devil is an inspirational girl.

If interested in fostering or adopting, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] **Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails!**


  • Name: Lexi
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Loves: Other animals, kisses, cuddles
  • Health: Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped