Have you met our latest pittie olympian? Luna is our all star gold medalist at treat catching, toy toss, bed relocation, and blanket snuggles. Luna is about 2 years old, 55lbs, and super fit. She is a high energy girl who is ready for a loving home. Our Luna bean LOVES humans and would be equally happy with kids or adults only. After a tragic life of abuse and exploitation, Luna only has one request of her future home-  to be your one and only furbaby. 

Luna is ready for anything and to be your lobster through life. She is incredibly loyal, loving, affectionate, and funny! When she goes outside, Luna loves to soak up the sun. In fact, she will bring her indoor bed outside with her and prance with it to the sunniest location. Willing to do anything for affection or a tasty nom nom (she loves anything from cheerios to the most scrumptious bully stick), Luna is a star student- ready and willing to learn whatever you have on the agenda. In her downtime from earning that 4.0 GPA, Luna loves to play with toys. She will toss that stuffed animal in the air, jumping and tossing it freely, or lay down and give that indestructible chew a run for its money. Ready for a snooze? Luna will become a doggy-rito, wrapped in a blanket with love to share. 

Luna had a horrible life before coming to us. As a true testament to her spirit, she is unphased by her former life and approaches all humans with love and forgiveness. 

Luna is housebroken, knows basic commands, and is praying for a home. 

If interested in fostering or adopting Luna, please complete an application, which can be found on our website at www.twentypawsrescue.com/forms-applications. Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails so if you don’t hear back from us, please follow up!