Mikey is a 2 year old 45lb ebony angel that just could not get a break in life. Before he was taken to the shelter, Mikey was found in deplorable conditions. In the shelter, he was heartbroken. Yet, he did not let his melancholy detract from his beautiful heart. Mikey won over the shelter staff and they rallied to his side. When we learned about him, we could not deny how special he is and decided to pull him. Now, Mikey is finishing a training program and awaits his foster or forever home. He is ready to show off his perfect report card and excellent skills! Once abused and filled with heart ache, Mikey now shines. His spirit was never ruined to deterred. He always believed in humans.

Mikey is house broken, crate trained, and absolutely ADORES children! Gentle, sweet, and affectionate he would make the most loyal and perfect companion for any human- big or small! He also gets along well with other dogs. Given his past, we ask that if he has a canine sibling, that they be as loving and kind as he is!

Mikey desperately needs a home. 

If interested in Mikey, please choose one of the applications below

  • Name: Mikey
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Loves: Kids, Playtime, Cuddles, Smiling
  • Health: Neutered, Vaccinated, Microchipped