At 5 years old and 60 lbs, Missy, a STUNNING white American Bulldog and decorated CANINE GOOD CITIZEN! She always was and continues to be sweet and loving to whoever came to care for her, full of kisses and a yodeling bark. Missy is very affectionate- providing endless kisses and snuggles in bed. She loves to lay on your lap too!

Missy has a energy and loves to run; she eats well and will even sit on the chair at the table with you like a human. She is a very family oriented dog and loves to be around people. Due to her past abandonment, Missy prefers to be around humans, attention, and love. When you are not home, Missy patiently waits for you in her crate. Oh, and Missy LOVES baths, walks, and to chew on her toys. She has a toy box full of toys to keep her occupied; but, plastic bottles are her toy of choice.

Missy does best around children 10 years and older. Like most of these mush balls, Missy thinks she is a lap dog and does not realize her own size. She thinks she is a 5 lb lap dog! Missy should be the only dog in the home, as she prefers to be the only beloved canine in the home.

Missy is a wonderful dog and will be a devoted companion. She is a very happy dog and YODELS when greeting you- truly a unique and special young girl. 

About 4 years ago Missy was found running loose in the subzero New England temperatures, malnourished and underweight. After 2 weeks of searching for her former family, no one claimed her. She was left abandoned- just a lonely scared puppy. This poor girl cannot catch a break. After being adopted, she was returned to us when her adopter moved and could not take her with him. At this time, Missy is in boarding and eagerly awaits a foster home. 

If interested in Missy, please choose one of the applications below

  • Name: Missy
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Loves: People, snuggles, you!
  • Health: Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated