Nena is a 9 year old brindle hippo brown bear pittie mix. At 77lbs, this curvaceous beauty has room to get her summer body ready. But, we love her as she is, chunk and all! This girl is happy to be your mellow couch potato/hippo/brown bear or a park buddy! Nena is just adorable and full of surprises. Initially, when you meet Nena, she can be shy and asks you approach her slowly- or ignore her. In no time, she starts to love you and will quietly rest at your person’s feet, enjoying affectionate petting. Once you are in her circle of trust, Nena has no boundaries on the love you give her. She is happy to play dress up with you and strike the fiercest pose! 

Show her a tennis ball, and Nena morphs into a bouncing tiger. Where that agility comes from, we still don’t know! Her entire body will wiggle in motion while she runs and jumps to play.  Watching her do this on those adorable short legs will leave you rolling in laughter. This little low rider can really move, when she is motivated!

This comedian will steal your heart and earn every treat you give her. Nena is a lovely senior gal, both active and friendly. She will thrive in her forever home as an only pet or with a laid back, calm pooch. Adult only homes or those with children that will give her the slower approach she needs would be ideal! She finds stairs a bit difficult, but loves apartment or suburban life. Elevator buildings or a home with one level/minimal stairs would be best. This is a lot of brindle bear to take up the steps! 

We rescued Nena from the city shelter. She had skin and ear infections, which are now treated and resolved. 

If interested in adopting, email us at or Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails! So, If you do not hear from us, please follow up! 

  • Name: Nena
  • Age: 9 years
  • Likes: Cuddles, belly rubs, people
  • Health: Spayed, vaccinated, chipped