Plum is a 4 year old 60 lb blonde cutie! She had a really harsh life before and came with a highly concerning behavior evaluation from the city shelter, which made her rescue only. Since she was a stray, her past is unknown. One of our experienced foster homes stepped up and offered to give her a chance! Before coming to us, Plum was a dog that didn’t allow humans near her. Now, she is beautifully coming out of her shell! Plum is truly a dose of bunny eared perfection. 

After completing behavioral rehab and recovering from kennel cough in her foster home, Plum emerged an absolute sweetheart. Plum still requires a slow approach when meeting new people, though. Just give her a day or 2 to learn you are her friend and she’s sugar, spice, and everything nice! Plum loves car rides, hikes, frolicing in the park, and meeting other dogs. Generally, she LOVES to play with them, but can be overwhelming to some. For this reason, she should be paired to tolerant and playful dogs in her forever home. Plum would love to be your only pet as well, so don’t worry if you have no other pets at home. She loves to be your only shining star. 

Plum loves to jump into your lap and solicit pets. She is also a great student and attends online school with her foster sister. She is all about safety and virtual schooling! She would be a good candidate for an adult only home or one with older children that understand a patient and slow approach. 

Our little Plum is extremely receptive to training and positive reinforcement. Will you be the right one for Plum? She will return your love with so much kindness, warmth, and wiggles. 

If interested in adopting, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Please note we respond to all emails. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up! Sometimes, emails get lost in cyberspace.