Umma is a sweet, timid, laid back corgi jindo mixed girl we rescued from South Korea. At about 2 years old and 25 lbs, Umma is the perfect size for any living situation. She is also crate trained, housebroken, and spayed. 

Umma is good with adults, but can be shy and quiet with new people (especially with men). At home, she is very affectionate, sweet, loyal, and just loves belly rubs. She also has great zoomies! If you are working at home or busy, she will gladly curl up and  nap next to you. This short legged princess is described as the most loving dog, has basic training, loves to play , and go for long walks.

Umma loves to meet new dogs. However, she can be nervous with an excitable dog, but, with time and patience, grows more and more friendly with dogs. Umma prefers dogs that are her size or smaller.

Umma was one of 3 street dogs left tied to the side of a road. She was pregnant at the time and all of her puppies passed away due to prematurity. She was already treated for heartworm disease and completely healthy. 

Truly, Umma is a sweet and loving girl. She asks that her future family gives her time, space, and patience to adjust to her new people. Once she does, though, she will be your fiercely loyal and faithful companion.

If interested in adopting, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails! So, if you do not hear from us, please follow up!

  • Name: Umma
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Likes: Long walks, fetch, cuddles
  • Health: Spayed, vaccinated, chipped, heartworm treated