Look out! If looks could kill, Yong Yong would be on America’s Most Wanted. Imagine of Betty Boop and Frank Sinatra had a fluffy love child. Yong Yong would be it! 
Yong Yong is about 15lbs and 6 months old. We have no idea what he is mixed with, but, beyond Frankie and Betty, imagine that he is likely corgi and sheltie. Yong Yong is a gentleman through and through, usually. He adores his foster siblings and running in the yard. He plays with everyone beautifully, using tails for swatting, running with his little trex legs, and walking his pittie foster sister. His best friend and partner in crime is his travel companion, Dolce. This boy’s sense of humor is limitless, so we hope you have one! If he could spend the entire day outside, he would. Yong Yong loves all types of weather, with a luscious coat like his (we are a little jealous of his thick locks), he braves any weather and comes in ready to warm your heart. 

Yong Yong works hard on his potty training, but boasts that he is crate trained. Our boy would love to be a part of an active home that can continue harnessing his puppy mischief and energy for good…and laughs. Since he is so young, Yong Yong will play with all the toys, your socks, or anything you might leave around. He will happily give it back to you. Oh, and this boy will do anything for food. He might even tell you the secret to growing hair as fabulous as his! Yong Yong eats his food at a pace ready to take on the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest. His love for peanut butter and bully sticks knows no bounds! 

Full of laughs and energy, pick him up and Yong Yong turns into a little koala bear. He just loves to be pet and doted on. This boy also loves to sleep upside down with his paws in every direction. Not a care in the world! He can be sensitive to loud noises and will hide from them. 

Yong Yong was fond outside of an in a small park next to an apartment complex. Then, he was taken to a high kill shelter in South Korea. From there, he found his way to our partners and then us! 

If interested in adopting Yong Yong, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes email get lost. We respond to all emails. So, if you don’t hear back from us, please follow up.