Christopher Robin~ Whimsical

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Imagine a stunning circus pup with the personality of a Labrador! Well that is 8 month old 30 lb Christopher Robin! This poor labridoodle puppy was dumped at the vet’s office after being passed around like a hot potato amongst people that just wanted to pass off the responsibility of having a dog. Well not anymore, the vet called our team and that’s that! Christopher Robin is a mellifluous spirit, whimsically frolicing at the thought of a happy life! He gets along with all dogs, and is curious about cats. However, he would like to start building a better rapport with them. This boy just wants to play and would do great in just about any home! What a gem! This boy will make a spectacular addition into any home!

If interested please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] **Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails!**

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