Mia Hamm~ The Elite T-Rex Cuddler

Mia Hamm is really a ham. This 4 year old dachshund lab pittie mix will have you in endless giggles. As soon as you meet this lively, wiggly, potato with T-Rex legs, you will understand why people just swoon over her.
She loves meeting new people, walks around town, playing with toys, and running around with tennis balls.

Mia Hamm isn’t all fun and games though, this girl is a fierce cuddling champion. Couches beware, she is the next best pillow. Get that hot cocoa, blanket, and Netflix. She and you will be curled up for a while.

Mia is wonderful in an apartment or home. Quiet, housebroken, and trustworthy as can be. She is dog friendly, preferably when meeting her new furry friends off leash.

If interested in adopting Mia Hamm, email us at twentypawsrescue@gmail.com or info@twentypawsrescue.com. *Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us, please follow up. We respond to all emails! *