Moses~ Lead into Freedom


Moses is a breath taking boy, just under a year old, and about 50 lbs. We rescued him out of deplorable conditions where he was left locked in a room without food or water for over a week. You see the house was a host to vast array of illegal activity. When the people were arrested, he was left behind chained in the room. When the landlord came to look at the property, he need to get him out. After a string of calls, he got our number and told us we had to get him immediately or he will end up in the shelter. We high tailed it over to him and got him. Moses greeted us with the HAPPIEST of spirits. If you could not see his deplorable physical condition, you would never have known he was starving and insurmountably thirsty for a week (during our summer heat wave nonetheless). He was just so grateful to be alive, outside, and with people who care.

After witnessing where he came from, we appropriately named him Moses. Moses has a heart of gold. He is thin and needs to gain some weight. Sadly, his horrific life left him with more than just hunger, thirst, and an emaciated frame. Moses is covered in old scars. We do not know where this is from. However, it is clear that he was a victim of circumstance more than once. He is absolutely wonderful with people and children. He does get along with dogs; however, a meet and greet would be required. Moses also loves car rides, belly rubs, and snuggling. He really needs a home to decompress. Due to the urgency of the situation he is in boarding. Our hearts bleed for Moses; and, after seeing him, we know he will simultaneously break and capture your heart too.

If interested please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] **Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails!** You may also see this darling on our website at and complete an online application

Moses~ Lead into Freedom

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