Abby is a perfect little Bichon girl that arrived to us from Harbin, China. Actually, she is our first rescue from the country. At just 4 years old and 8 lbs, this girl experienced more horror than anyone should. After a puppy mill was done exploiting her, Abby was sold off to be used as dog meat. As the truck headed to the slaughter house, she was rescued. While with our partners in China, she received much deserved medical care and then joined us here in the states.

Once she arrived, it was clear Abby needed some more medical care and decompression. Abby is healthy, but is visually impaired. We are unsure if she is completely blind, but she does not see well. She gets along with other animals (dogs and cats) and people. She will need a loving home to work through her past trauma and allow her time and patience to navigate through with her sight impairment. 

Abby is a mellow girl and just wants attention and love. During the day, Abby loves to sleep and cuddle near you. She is not an active girl and takes her new life seriously. The theme to her life is retirement and she takes it to another level. While leisurely strolls and sunshine are high on her priority list, so are naps, couches, and cuddles. 

Due to her former life, Abby is still working on housebreaking. Anyone that adopts her must continue this work with her and remain patient. This is all so hard for our little one! Abby would also love to be home with a human that’s home often. She really does not like to be left alone and seeks your comfort and companionship. 

If interested in adopting Abby, email us at or Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails! So, If you do not hear from us, please follow up!

  • Name: Abby
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Likes: people, toys, food, love
  • Health: Spayed, vaccinated, chipped, blind