Chase is a 15 month old 75llb melon head looking for a new home. This baby is fiercely loyal to his humans and is heartbroken. The only people he ever knew discarded him and never provided him with proper training. As a result, Chase would benefit from a strong and dog savvy  individual or adult couple, ones willing to ensure he has boundaries and continue training. Since he was kept as a shop dog, Chase can be protective. Your home will never be safer with him in it. This melon head craves love and attention. He never knew love or understanding. We are determined to ensure he sees it. In the past, Chase did very well with other dogs. However, lately, the stress of boarding is weighing heavily on his mind and soul. He would benefit from a home where he can decompress and learn to be whole again. Chase’s story is truly heartbreaking. Please give him a chance. 

Chase is house broken, crate trained, and fiercely handsome! His melon head, chiseled physique, and devastatingly impressive expressions will have you swooning! 

Chase’s former humans surrendered him to our rescue. He was kept as a body shop dog since he was a baby. If we did not take him, the owners planned to euthanize him. 

If interested in fostering or adopting Chase, please email us at or **Due to a gmail glitch, some emails get lost. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails.

  • Name: Chase
  • Age: 16 months
  • Likes: Dogs, people, a second chance
  • Health: Vaccinated, chipped, neutered