Dasong is a low key 6 month old Jindo/Shepherd boy! He’s playful and loves to romp around with humans and dogs. Once he is done, he will just zonk out and snooze! Compared to his sister, Dasong is a low key pup that loves snoozing next to you. When it comes to waiting for nom noms and sitting, Dasong is patient and knows good things will come to those who wait! He is just such an eager to please boy! 

Since he is so young, Dasong is still teething and working on his house training. Super smart, he is almost done with house breaking! Just a little more practice and time is needed! 

When meeting new people and dogs, Dasong is calm with people and very excited with other pups. He just loves making new friends! Overall, he’s very low-key unless it is playtime! He really prefers/cherishes his naptime. Who doesn’t? On walks, he often decides to just sit and take in the scenery- enjoy some bird watching. While hiking, Dasong likes to sniff a lot of things, get excited, and explore.

Thus far, our boy does well with meeting children. Dasong would be great in any home or situation. He is such a great dog! Plus, have you seen those ears? Seriously, they are bigger than him! 

We rescued Dasong and his sister from South Korea. They were destined to be used for dog meat. Our partners there would not stand for that and called us! We were so happy to take them in! 

If interested in adopting Dasong, please email us at twentypawsrescue@gmail.com or info@twentypawsrescue.com. **Due to a gmail glitch, some emails get lost. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails.

  • Name: Dasong
  • Age: 6 Months
  • Likes: Dogs, people, playtime, naps
  • Health: fixed, vaccinated, chipped