Meet Dutch! This 7ish year old 55lb bully breed, smushed faced, googly eyed, melon head boy is a peach! He was found as a stray, so his past is truly unknown. When he did come to us, he had severe skin and ear infections- as well as eye discomfort. He just graduated from medical foster care and is ready for adoption! While in our care, Dutch is an eager student and working on training and manners.

Dutch loves the company of humans and other dogs. Sometimes, he loves being around other dogs more than they appreciate his exuberant behavior. However, Dutch respects other dogs’ boundaries, once they tell him what they are. Dutch loves being part of the gang. While he would love to be in a home with other dogs, he will be happy as your one and only. If he has fursiblings, though, they will need to be patient with him as he learns his new limits. 

If another dog corrects or challenges Dutch, he is unphased. He is goofy and does not realize what happens. He is definitely not a confrontational soul! He just wishes we could all get along! Dutch listens well off leash and is starting to pick up on specific commands. He loves his crate, napping, and snoring- in no particular order! When it is time to have a siesta, this boy flips upside down, belly up, jowls flopped, and takes the snooze very seriously! 

Dutch is an extremely resilient and adaptable dog. He would do well in any environment, but he does love to be outdoors and remain low key- our boy is low energy. He is housebroken, crate trained, quiet in the home, and does not appear to have separation anxiety. Dutch is also great in the car and off leash (once he knows and trusts you!). He loves toys and knows the difference between human and dog goodies. 

Don’t let his age fool you! Dutch has a ton of life in him and can keep up with the youngsters! Give him a chance! 

If interested in adopting Dutch, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Please note we respond to all emails. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up! Sometimes, emails get lost in cyberspace.

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  • Name: Dutch
  • Age: 7 years
  • Loves: Dogs, people, naps, hiking, toys
  • Health: Vaccinated, Chipped, skin infection, ear infection