As seen on the Dodo! And all over town, it is Erica and Diamond! The sister duo that melts your heart! 

Erica & Diamond and a pair of loving sisters. Erica is about 5 years old and 65 lbs and Diamond is about 7 years old and 75 lbs. These girls are magnificent with EVERYONE they meet, 2 and 4-legged! They even go to daycare every day and either snore together on a dog bed or engage in a mighty 10 minutes of playtime with each other and the dogs. Phew! They are potty trained, great in the car, and 1010990374923674% filled with love. 

Erica is our 5-year-old, 68 lb new velveteen land seal. She was surrendered to the shelter because her human was homeless and couldn’t care for her anymore. At the time of surrender, Erica was SUPER pregnant and had to leave the shelter immediately. We had an open foster and rushed to take her. We quickly discovered that Erica is an affectionate and sweet DOLL! 

Days later… we got a surprise! We had no idea Erica had a sister Diamond that was surrendered with her! The shelter reached out asking if we could help her. Since she was separated from Erica, poor Diamond was depressed and shut down. She refused to walk and shelter staff had to pick her up and lift her out of the car to bring her back to her kennel. We sent out a plea and Erica’s fosters IMMEDIATELY responded to take her too! Needless to say, but we will say it anyway, the sisters were reunited.

The moment they saw each other, it was like they were never apart. That night, Erica went into labor with Diamond by her side. Diamond was the best doula/midwife! Then, after a couple of days, Diamond began to lactate. The girls raised the litter of puppies together, side by side, co-parenting! It was the most beautiful thing! When Erica was tired, Diamond took over as the happiest of aunties. When Diamond needed a nap, Erica stepped back in! 

This duo balances each other perfectly. Erica is a bit of a clumsy seal, whereas Diamond is this dainty delicate ballerina! The pair, along with the human fosters, raised the kindest and most beautiful puppies. While the pups are all adopted, these 2 girls are still awaiting their forever home. 

We are committed adopting a bonded pair this bonded pair together.

Please note, we let the shelter know we are hoping to stay in touch with the owner. However, we have not heard from him and remain hopeful that we can update him on his girls some day! 

If interested in adopting Erica and Diamond, please complete an application, which can be found on our website at Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails so if you don’t hear back from us, please follow up!

  • Names: Erica and Diamond
  • Age: Erica- 5 years old. Diamond- 7 years old
  • Likes: People, dogs, food, playtime
  • Health: vaccinated, spayed, chipped