Missee Lee is an 8 year old pittie mix. When we agreed to take her, she was at the city shelter for 260 days! Most of this time, fortunately, was in a foster home, which she remains in with us. 

Missee is a sweet and well behaved girl. Unfortunately, she is plagued with severe ear infections. For 7 months, nothing helped. Her pain persisted and the swelling was unbearable. Finally, she received surgery to correct the issue. This care was possible with a private donor, a friend of the foster mom’s, who was her cheerleader since she was at the shelter. Missee is also allergic to a great many things, which everyone ignored until she entered foster care.

Currently, Missee Lee is healing after surgery to open up the ear canal and partial ear oblation. Immediately after surgery, she had some complications and requiredhospitalization. After a stay at the vet, she is feeling much better. Missee is also working with our trainer on manners. As she starts to feel better, her personality is really shining through. 

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