Missee Lee is an 8 year old pittie mix that is about 60lbs- she is laid back and just goes with the flow! She has impeccable manners in the home. Even though she would love to cuddle you all the time, she will wait for you to invite her on the couch or bed. While she waits for her personal invitation to join you or to be by your side, Missee will sleep on her bed & will wait until you are ready to take her out for a walk.  She’s a quiet dog, house broken, & has a hearty appetite. Fearless and confident, Missee is a tough little chick with a frosty face and plenty of pep still left in her step! Dont let her age fool you!

 When we agreed to take her, she was at the city shelter for 260 days! Most of this time, fortunately, was in a foster home, which she remains in with us. 

Missee is a sweet and well behaved girl. Unfortunately, she was plagued with severe ear infections. For 7 months, nothing helped. Her pain persisted and the swelling was unbearable. Finally, she received surgery to correct the issue. This care was possible with a private donor, a friend of the foster mom’s, who was her cheerleader since she was at the shelter. Missee is also allergic to a great many things, which everyone ignored until she entered foster care.

After healing from her surgery to open up the ear canal and a partial ear oblation, Missee is now ready for her forever home! Missee is also working with our trainer on manners. As she starts to feel better, her personality is really shining through. We learned that Missee loves other dogs, dressing up in clothes, and going for walks. Missee will pull towards any dog she can meet. Unfortunately, sometimes her approach is not well received, but she means well! She is a strong little tug boat and should be with someone that will continue working with her on training and manners. Missee is a dream in the home, house broken, and loves those who care for her! 

Missee would love a home that will continue to let her flourish. She asks that her forever home have no cats, but dogs are loved and welcomed! Our angel is a lower energy dog, so a mellow home is ideal! She howls with joy when happy and makes the funniest sound when you rub her belly. It’s almost a purr! 

The ideal home should know that her ear issues likely stemmed from years of neglected energy. She should be on a poultry and potato free diet. 

If interested in adopting, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Please note that due to an email glitch, sometimes emails get lost. We respond to all emails! So, If you do not hear from us, please follow up!


  • Name: Missee Lee
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Loves: Dogs, people, and costumes
  • Health: Food allergies, spayed, vaccinated, chipped