Little Nyla is an 8 year old miracle girl. We are guessing that she is a Westie mix. When she was surrendered to the city shelter, Nyla was severely malnourished, anemic, dehydrated, falling over, and sick. Her former family never took her to the vet, except over a year ago for a rabies shot. They never investigated her deteriorating condition. They left her, after years of companionship, at the shelter. 

In her former home, she lived happily with children and other dogs. The reason for surrendering her is unknown. Our guess, they didn’t want to care for her and she became a nuisance with her health.

She came to the rescue emaciated, losing use of her hind legs, frequently urinating, dehydrated, and suffering from intestinal parasites. Each day, Nyla shows improvement. Her response to her foster mother’s love and care is remarkable. We will continue to ensure she gets the love and medical attention she needs! 

In her foster home, Nyla proves she is composed of pure love. She adores all those she meets and is affectionate with all. Truly, she shows her gratitude and trust in humans. Everyday, we are amazed by her resilience. 

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