Tonks the Pomeranian mix is under a year old. When she came to us, she was about 5 months old and terrified. She was found in the woods of an NYC park tangled in branches. We found out she had a broken leg that would likely need surgery to repair. Thankfully our orthopedic surgeons at the Animal Medical Center feel she’s healing great and might avoid surgery! 

As she heals, she is with her committed foster mom. Due to abuse and abandonment at such a young age, Tonks is fearful and defensive. With her foster mom and a trainer, Tonks works on overcoming these demons. Everyday, she makes great strides! 

Tonks is currently improving her mobility and walking more and more on her injured leg, that is healing well! This little girl does not let anything stop her!

If interested in donating or contributing towards Tonks’ care, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] You can also donate directly on our website!