Tigger is a super sweet 10ish year old dude. Literally, he’s so easy going and loves everyone he meets. From sitting on the sofa with a movie or insisting on lying down in the middle of the kitchen floor while cooking, Tigger loves to be with his person. Our boy greets all dogs (male and female, large and small) with a waggy tail, and likes a good game of chase or a wrestle. Tigger ignores dogs that show rude or aggressive behavior towards him. He feels they must be having a bad day! He also ignores foster mom’s two cats and guinea pigs. A perfect gentleman inside and outside the house, Tigger is gentle with children, both older (he’s living with teens and an 11-year-old) and smaller (toddlers we’ve met on walks). After a good walk, he’s more than happy to flop down on his bed and nap, sometimes on his back, with legs in the air… And snore!

Tigger had frequent urination issues that did not respond to treatment. After further work up, we found out he has bladder cancer. We are committed to ensuring he has the best quality of life. Tigger will remain in his foster home until he crosses the rainbow Bridge. 

If interested in donating or supporting Tigger’s care, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

You can also make a direct donation on this website!