Meet our little elf, Keebler! This 35 lb 7 year old pocket boy never stops smiling! He just loves car rides, road trips, playing, snuggles, and infecting others with his happiness! Keebler was found as a bony resemblance of a dog sleeping on a filthy torn mattress in an abandoned warehouse in Newark, NJ- right in the center of a popular dog fighting area. Whatever his past was, its just that, the past. After you meet robust little Keebler, you would never know he had a tormented former life. He is all about smiles, forgiveness, and moving forward! The perfect family for Keebler would be an active one. Although Keebler loves other dogs, he would do best with one that enjoys his playful energy. We often joke and say Keebler is making up for years of lost opportunities to have fun! He is absolutely all about making the most of his time…and believe us, this boy has tons of love, time, and joy to give! Keebler would make a great activity partner, travel buddy, best friend, and taste tester. Anyone that adopts this boy is in for a pocket sized lifelong loyal best friend. This is the tail wagging machine you’ve waited for!

If interested in fostering or adopting, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] **Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails!**

  • Name: Keebler
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: Car rides, playtime, smiling
  • Health: Vaccinated, neutered, microchipped