Hello! My name is Maverick, but my mom and dad call me fatty! I will answer to either or. I am 50 lbs of love! Please don’t be turned off by my scars, everyone calls them beauty marks once they actually look at them, They don’t hurt me or bother me at all, actually I love when my mom smooshes my fat cheeks and pulls on them. Although I have had a real tough path medically, I am 100000% healthy!
When I was first adopted I was very cautious of my new family. I would not let my guard down and would never think of cuddling. BOY WAS I MISSING OUT! I love cuddling now! If you aren’t paying attention to me and I want to cuddle I will waddle on over and plop myself right on your chest! And don’t worry about making room for me, if you are laying down watching tv I will simply lay on your legs and rest my head right on your stomach. Because I love cuddling so much I NEED to sleep in bed with you at night. Mom says I am the perfect alarm clock! 7 am everyday I lick her until she wakes up! If that doesn’t work I jump off the bed and stomp around until she HAS to get up. And as much as I love cuddling I LOVE FOOD! If you say “Mav you hungry?” WATCH OUT! I will steam roll right thru you to run into my crate! (I have to eat in my crate because I eat too fast, and I don’t like to share my food) The vet told my mom to put a brick in my food to slow my eating down, some people try to put a ball but I just picked that up and moved it. I love food of all kind so be careful, if you are opening the fridge I will be right behind you (dad sometimes closes the door without looking first and my head is still in there)
Playtime is ALL the time! I will play with anything and everything! Cardboard, bouncy balls, ropes, ANYTHING! I am really silly and throw things up and the air (mom doesn’t know if its on purpose or if I am just so excited that it just happens) I am not very graceful when I run (Mom has literally peed her pants at the sight of me running, she says its like a weird gallop that all my feet leave the ground at once) I don’t always play the nicest, but I am learning! If you say “mouth” I tend to stop using my mouth to play. I love wrestling, mom and dad pick me up and slam me on their bed and wrestle with me, I love it! I also love learning! I know sit, down/off, lay down, look, leave it, stay, drop it (can I have it), and I am learning more! I am very food motivated, but sometimes I have an A.D.D moment just get my attention back and I am ready to go!
Hygiene is very important to me. So much so that I will jump in the shower with you when you are taking a shower! I also sit nice in the bath and love LOVE LOVE when I am having lathering shampoo all over me. I need to get my nails cut often because we are in the process of cutting the vein back. I am not such a big fan of this, but if you keep playing with my paws I will get better at it.
I hope you don’t need privacy because NOONE goes to the bathroom without me watching. I love to just awkwardly sit right in front of who ever is going potty and stare. If you try to go in without me I will just push the door open and let myself in. Also make sure you close the toilet seat cover when you are done, I have drank ALL the water out of the bowl before. And make sure the toilet paper is high up because I am known for taking the rolls and running off with them. (Mom has this on video)
Unfortunately, I don’t get along well with other dogs. I am too scared! My blood pressure goes up so fast that my whole head turns red, literally my scars and my ears. I have tried but I get too scared and start acting really bad. Because of this is why my mom and dad can’t keep me anymore. They love me and I know they do, but their lifestyle and what I need just don’t mix right now. They don’t have a yard and they live a very active life style (which is what we originally thought I needed). As I get older we realize that I need to stay in a comfort zone of never leaving MY HOUSE. I need a yard to run in and roll around in the grass (I love it so much) and I need a family who will let me be as silly as I love to be. Mom and dad have been told that they can try mood stabilizers but they love my personality and they don’t want to change that. People think that I am dangerous because I don’t play well with others, this couldn’t be MORE WRONG! I am a people LOVER mom and dad have had people over and I love every single one of them (Sometimes too much!) I lick them all over until they cant breath because they are covered in slober!
I really need a family who will keep working with me, because I love life so much! I have fought so hard to be able to live and I want to keep enjoying the life that so many people have fought for! Mom and Dad know I deserve that and know that I will be okay and happyish at their house, but they know I will have an even better life with someone who will never make me leave home.

If interested please email us at [email protected]or [email protected] **Due to a gmail glitch, we lose some emails. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails!*

  • Name: Maverivk
  • Age: 2 years
  • Loves: Cuddles, kisses, grass
  • Health: Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped