Piggy Pie is a velvet hippo, piglet, koala bear, trex, alligator, pittie girl that joined our medical foster care program July 2020! She is a show stopping little gray brindle American bully 50lb girl, about 6 years old, and rescued as a ‘stray’ from the city shelter. This snorting (and snoring wonder) came to us with skin infections ravaging every part of her. You touch her, hair (where there was hair) would fall out. Her skin was scaly, peeling, red, hot, and painful. Her paws were covered, top and bottom, with painful overfilled blisters. This impaired her ability to walk, since any surface was painful. Her ears were filled with fluid, neck inflamed, and still lactating. Someone used Piggy Pie as a breeding machine, took her puppies, and left her out in the streets. They were sore, red, hot, and swollen. The one thing that was unharmed, her spirit. Piggy Pie LOVES to love! 

After spending about 4 months in medical foster care healing from her past, she is ready for her forever home and to officially enter retirement from being used as a breeder dog. Graduation is a beautiful thing! Unfortunately, we don’t know the fate of her puppies, but we can assure Piggy that there will never be heartache in her life again. In medical foster care, she received round the clock care for her medical conditions. Twice a day, Piggy takes several pills and has her ears cleaned. Every other day, Piggy Pie gets a medicated bath/massage. Her routine is complete with lots of naps, love, snoring, and cuddles with her foster siblings. Piggy Pie required regular check-ins to monitor her progress and rest. While in our foster home, Piggy Pie is enjoying training to work through her trauma and learn basic obedience! 

Piggy Pie is incredibly affectionate, loving, and the funniest girl you will ever meet, with the chubbiest little paws. When she pouts, she will stick her head between her paws, show her little underbite, and pout her bottom lip! While she loves people, and is very respectful around children, she does ask to be the only pet in the home. She can get along with other dogs, but she rarely takes no for an answer from other dogs and can easily get too sassy for a situation. For this, we nicknamed her Piggy ‘No Neck’.

Our little gangster is crate trained, housebroken, fantastic in the car, and is happy to share her toys with her humans. She loves toys! Much in line with the fingerfood pigs in a blanket, Piggy Pie loves to be rolled up and nuzzled in a blanket for bed or naptime. She will gladly snooze the day away curled into your side, neck, or hip- while hugging you! Just as much, she is happy snoring in her bed on her own.

We must warn you, the noises this Piggy Pie makes are like no other! Adopt her and you might think you adopted some new barn yard animals! No worries, though, this is just her- a koala piglet crossed with an alligators self.  

Piggy’s former skin infections left her with scars on her chin. The person that adopts her MUST be prepared to give her a medicated bath twice a week and clean her paws and chin twice a day with a special solution. Skipping a bath or wipe results in a flare up!

If interested in adopting, please email us at twentypawsrescue@gmail.com or info@twentypawsrescue.com. Please note we respond to all emails. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up! Sometimes, emails get lost in cyberspace.

  • Name: Piggy Pie
  • Age: 6-8 years old
  • Loves: Toys, snuggles, food
  • Health: Skin maintainence, spayed, chipped, vaccinated