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Meet Skye, a beautiful 4 year old golden retriever. She is loving, kind, resilient, and beautiful. She came to us as an owner surrender from a home that bred her over, and over, and over again. Once she was ‘bred out’, she wasn’t wanted there anymore. In her former home, Skye didn’t see a vet. When a mass appeared, they assumed it was fat and didn’t have it examined. Well, when we took her im, we had it examined. An aspiration showed it is a MAST CELL TUMOR. So, in addition to spay, vaccines, and regular blood work, she needed extensive work up. More blood, cytology, exams, and surgery to remove and stage the mass. During her surgery, they want to see her abdominal cavity. So, at that time, she was to be spayed also. 

Skye has a devoted foster mom and father. They love her and are prepared to care for her through hospice, if she is terminal. We are grateful to Blue Pearl in Brooklyn for their discount. It did help!

After surgery, Skye is resting at home. They feel it was successful, clean tumor removal margins and spay. They did not find any evidence of metastasis in her abdomen. We are relieved and working on keeping her comfortable. 

Email us at [email protected] or [email protected] if interested in donating towards her care!